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EXPNVM is a daily updated online video magazine catalog featuring past and present daily skateboarding, snowboarding , graffiti videos, photos, interviews and original independent productions by riders for riders. We are a group of life long friends and a foundational DIY or DIE idea that began over 15 years ago, now a functioning website built from scratch from the ground up by us, for riders by riders. In 2009 we bought a desktop mac g5 tower off an ebay auction and pieced together our first editing machine we still use today. This site is built and survives by the passion of the riders and people that have helped this idea grow and have an ideal life long appreciation for skateboarding, snowboarding, art, music and culture. Please browse our files and upload your own or other video link URL’s from other video sharing sites on our upload page. If you submit anything we will file it under proper category. Meet and follow the crew:

This site is dedicated to the fallen brothers who we have crossed paths with- JR Neves, Mike Gebhardt, Justin Hecker, Giacomo Maruzio, Andrew Delp, Victor J. Gasbarra, Andy Kessler, Alex Firth and any other fallen along the way. Rest In Peace.