iphone clips archive…

Some clips we have compiled playing around with phones.

Clip #9: Robbie Walton

Robbie with a frontside air early grab, love this cat’s style, he skates like a surfer @ da secret WCK spot.

Clip #8: Dan Woltjen

Dan popped this off proper back in the old BDNJ daze.

Clip #7: Kyle McDowell

We all went to BDNJ one winter boring Saturday and had one hell of a hesh session with homies and we shot some iphone clips too. Here Kyle bolts this tre down the double set with style and smiles all day!

Clip #6: Mark Pikulski


Clip #5: Marc Pikulski

Clip #4: Josh Lingelbach

Clip #3: Tom Boyle

Clip #2: Nick Merlino

Clip #1: Matt Ivan